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Dr. Hammad Hussain

Associate Professor





Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology

Instituut voor Mobiliteit (IMOB)

Universiteit Hasselt


Masters in Structural Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan


Bachelors in Civil Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

02/2020 – To date

Head of Department (HOD), Assistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department, Ibadat International University Islamabad.

Job Description (Teaching):

1.       Teaching of Undergraduate Engineering courses according to OBE system.

2.       Supervision of Bachelor’s thesis:

·         Use of Recycled Building Aggregates in Hot Mix Asphalt Design

·         Analyse different infrastructure designs to improve driving behaviour while driving through blackspots using driving simulators.

·         Measures to modify drivers behaviour in Urban areas using driving simulator.

·         Effects of Metro Bus Service on congestion in Islamabad.

·         Factors affecting use of public transport in Islamabad.

·         Provisions for vulnerable road users in current road designs in Islamabad.

·         Effects of traffic congestion on air quality in Islamabad.

Job Responsibilities (Administration)

·         Head of the Department

·         Head of Exam Committee,

·         Head of Departmental Quality Enhancement Committee (DQEC),

·         Member of Departmental Outcome Based Education Committee (DOBEC).

·         Member of Academic Council,

·         Correspondences with Pakistan Engineering Council for accreditation of the Engineering program,

Job Responsibilities (Project Management)

·         Infrastructure expansion of present university campus including

i) Construction of the Mosque,

ii) Construction of the University Cafeteria,

iii) Feasibility study of construction of 500 bed hospital,

iv) Feasibility study of construction of facilities for business incubation centres, research centres, centres of excellences, etc.



02/2019- 02/2020

Assistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila Pakistan.

Job Description:

1.       Teaching of courses according to the pattern of Outcome Based Education (OBE).

2.       Co-Supervise Masters Thesis:

·         Field Assessment of Non-nuclear Methods Used for Hot Mix Asphalt Density Measurement

·         Analysis of Rural Roads in Developing Countries Using Principal Component Analysis and Simple Average Technique in the Development of a Road Safety Performance Index



09/2014 - 12/2018


Instituut voor Mobiliteit (IMOB), Universiteit Hasselt (Diepenbeek)

PhD student in Traffic Safety

Promotor: Prof. dr. Tom Brijs

02/2014 – 07/2014

Sweedish College of Engineering and Technology, Wah Cantt. Pakistan

Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator.

Job Description:

1.       Teaching of the course “Design of Steel Structures”.

2.       Development and Maintenance of all laboratories of the Institution including Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical.

06/2013 – 01/2014

Abbasi and Associates, Islamabad, Pakistan

Site Engineer

Job Description:

1.       Quality check of the finishing works for the Girls Hostel at Bahria University, Islamabad and making sure the project specification are being followed.

2.       Cross checking and verification of the work done in the Interim Payment Certificates (IPCs) submitted by the contractor.

3.       Weekly Progress report and highlighting the issues and obstructions being faced in the project to the client.

04/2012 – 12/2012

Bahria Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Construction Manager

Job Description:

1.       Construction supervision of various projects in the Housing scheme Bahria Enclave, Islamabad. The different projects included,

·         Construction of zoo,

·         Construction of a school,

·         Construction of a Hospital,

·         Construction of a Mosque,

·         Construction of various temporary structures such as labour accommodation, temporary site offices etc.,

2.       Verification of the IPCs submitted by the sub-contractors.

3.       Maintenance of existing structures.

04/2009 – 08/2010

National Highway Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan

Junior Engineer

Job Description:

1.       Corresponding to the directives of President, Prime Minister, and Minister for Communications;

2.       Organizing the existing file structure;

3.       Played a role in development of Annual Maintenance Plan.

4.       Prequalification of Contractor firms.

11/2008 – 03/2009

New Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan

Site Engineer

Job Description:

1.       Site supervision of main and emergency runways and taxiways.

2.       Construction of RCC drains along the runways and taxiways.

3.       Maintaining Health and safety standards at the site.


Conference Proceedings

Hammad Hussain Awan, Tom Brijs, Ali Pirdavani (2017). Evaluations of different separations between Express and local lanes using driving simulator. Road Safety and Simulation International Conference. The Hague, Netherlands.

Hammad Hussain Awan, Ali Pirdavani, Tom Brijs. (2018), Analysis of Merging Freeways with Decreasing Number of Lanes: A Driving Simulator Study, Road safety on Five Continents, Jeju Korea.

Hammad Hussain Awan, Arne Houben, Sander Westhof, Ali Pirdavani, Muhammad Adnan, Tom Brijs. (2018), Investigation of Herringbone pattern and Optical Circles for Safe Driving Behaviour at Curves Using Driving Simulator, 6th Humanist Conference, The Hague, Netherlands.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Hammad Hussain Awan, Ali Pirdavani, Arne Houben, Sander Westhof, Muhammad Adnan & Tom Brijs (2019) Impact of perceptual countermeasures on driving behavior at curves using driving simulator, Traffic Injury Prevention, 20:1, 93-99, Impact factor 1.413.

Hammad Hussain Awan, Ali Pirdavani, Muhammad Adnan, Ansar-ul-Haque Yasar, Geert Wets & Tom Brijs (2020) Standard freeway merge designs support safer driver behaviour compared to taper designs: a driving simulator study, Ergonomics, 63:4, 407-420, Impact factor 2.56.

Awan HH, Sajid SR, Declercq K, Adnan M, Pirdavani A, Alhajyaseen W, Brijs T. 2018; Drivers’ Crossing Behaviour Between Express and Local Lanes with Soft Separation: A Driving Simulator Study, Advances in Transportation Studies (ATS), Special Issue Vol I.: 41-54

Shah Zaman, Jawad Hussain, Syed Bilal Ahmad Zaidi, Naeem Ejaz, Hammad Hussain Awan, Field Assessment of Non-nuclear Methods Used for Hot Mix Asphalt Density Measurement, Civil Engineering Journal, Vol. 5, No. 8, August, 2019

El-Hansali, Youssef; Outay, Fatma; Yasar, Ansar; Farrag, Siham; Shoaib, Muhammad; Imran, Muhammad; and Awan, Hammad Hussain, "Smart Dynamic Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement System" (2021), Computers, Materials and Continua, Vol: 67, Issue: 3, 2797-2806.

Muhammad Tufail, Jawad Hussain, Hammad Hussain, Imran Hafeez, Naveed Ahmad, Analysis of Rural Roads in Developing Countries Using Principal Component Analysis and Simple Average Technique in the Development of a Road Safety Performance Index, International Journal of Transport and Vehicle Engineering, Vol:15, No:3, 2021

Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Zafar Ali Shah, Ghulam Yaseen, Hammad Hussain Awan, Daud Khan, Muhammad Jawad, Investigating the Effect of Gradation, Temperature and Loading Duration on the Resilient Modulus of Asphalt Concrete, Civil Engineering Journal, Vol 8, No 2, 2022: E-ISSN: 2476-3055; ISSN: 2676-6957.

Yaseen, Ghulam, Arshad Jamal, Meshal Almoshageh, Fawaz Alharbi, and Hammad Hussain Awan. "Performance Evaluation of Aged Asphalt Pavement Binder through Rejuvenators." Sustainability 14, no. 21 (2022): 14557.

Outay, Fatma, Muhammad Adnan, Uneb Gazder, Syed Fazal Abbas Baqueri, and Hammad Hussain Awan. "Random forest models for motorcycle accident prediction using naturalistic driving based big data." International journal of injury control and safety promotion (2022): 1-12.

Simulation Tools

AutoCAD Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Unity, ETABS, Primavera P6, MS Project, STISIM Version 3 (Driving Simulator Software),

Programming Language

MATLAB, Python 3.4, Scenario Development Language (SDL)

Sound working and applicable understanding of Microsoft Office including:

MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint


English, Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pothohari, Dutch (Nederlands)


VOL-VCA (Health and Safety Certification for Managers)

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